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Wimbledon Ladies Singles BettingThe Ladies Singles Championship has been played at Wimbledon since 1884, seven years after the first Mens Singles Championship was held at the first ever Wimbledon Championship in 1877.

The major difference between the womens and mens championships at Wimbledon is that the ladies event is played over three sets compared to the men who play over five sets. And it was this difference in the number of sets played which formed the the basis of the argument as to why the mens singles champions received more prize money than the womens champions for so many years. However, the difference in prize money between men and women champions changed in 2007 with both receiving the same amount, with �700,000 awarded to both the mens and womens Wimbledon singles champions. In addition to the prize money, the womens champion receives the Venus Rosewater Dish which is a trophy awarded to the ladies singles Champion


Over the years the Wimbledon Ladies Championship has been won by some of the biggest names in Tennis history. The first ever womens singles champion was British player Maud Watson who won the title for the first two years in 1884 and 1885 and the title remained in the hands of the British women until American May Sutton won the title in 1905.

Wimbledon OddsIt is only in recent years, since the introduction of the open era in 1968, that the profile of the womens games has captured the interest of the Tennis global audience. Some of the biggest name to have won the Wimbledon Womens Singles title in recnet years include Billie Jean King who won it six times during the 60s and 70s before Martina Navratilova dominted the title throughout the 80s winning it no fewer than nine times from a record 12 final appearances.

German player Steffi Graf won the title an impressive seven times between 1988 and 1996. The Williams sisters have dominated the Womens singles events since the turn of the new millennium winning six of the last eight titles between them, Venus winning four titles and Serena twice champion in 2002 and 2003.

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