Set Betting

Wimbledon Matches Set Betting

Wimbledon Matches Set BettingIn the instances when their is a short priced favourite, many people like to have a go at betting on the number of sets by which the player will win by. Bookmakers offer Wimbledon Odds on the various combinations of set scores possible and customers can bet on these. This is another great way to enjoy the action and increase your interest in a match.

The basic rules of matches set betting is more or less the same at most bookmakers. In the event of a match in a knockout competition starting but not being completed all match and set betting will be void.

In the event of a change in the total number of sets played match bets will stand, but set betting will be void. For example, a match originally designated as 'best of 5 sets' reduced to 'best of 3 sets' because of inclement weather.

These are general rules to tennis betting on Wimbledon and we advise you check the rules pages on whichever online bookmaker you choose to use before placing your bets.