Prize Money

Wimbledon Prize Money

Wimbledon Prize MoneyThe prize money available at Wimbledon is not only on a par with the best available across any of other major Tennis tournaments but offers some of the best prize money for any sporting event in the world.

Most players who enter the Wimbledon Championships would probably claim that they are playing to win the title and enjoying the prestige and acclaim that goes with lifting the Wimbledon trophies. However, the prize money cannot be overlooked and with the amount increasing year on year the financial incentives of winning Wimbledon are becoming increasingly attractive to all players. In turn, the prize money paid to players who finish runner up or further down the field offers great incentives to finish as best placed in the tournament as possible.

Current Wimbledon Prize Structure

Up until the 2007 Wimbledon Championships, their was a difference in the amount of prize money received by male and female winners, with the mens champions winning more than their female counterparts. However, this was brought in to line for both the singles and doubles titles and from 2007 onwards all respective champions will win the same amount of prize money for their relevant discipline.