Lawn Tennis Club

All England Lawn Tennis Club

Wimbledon Centre CourtThe All England Lawn Tennis Club is located in the London borough of Wimbledon and has been the venue for the annual Wimbledon Tennis Champipionships since 1877.

Depsite being most famous for playing host to Wimbledon, the All England Lawn Tennis club is a fully functioning Tennis club all year round with around 400 members. However, membership to the club is very exclusive and new entries are not frequent, with new members having to satisfy a number of very strict criteria. The only definite way of gaining entry is to win a Wimbledon Singles Title thus giving the winner honorary membership status.

Currently, the club has a total of 19 courts, all of which are used during Wimbledon Fortnight. The most famous court is Centre Court, which plays host to both the mens and womens singles finals as well as the doubles final each year at Wimbledon. Centre Court is the biggest court at the All England Tennis Club with a capacity of 13,800, with Court Number 1 the next biggest with a capacity of 11,500. The total capacity of the Club as a venue is around 40,000 which is often reached during the Wimbledon Championships. This size of crowd is spread across the entire venue, with spectators on each of the 19 courts as well as being housed in many other facilities within the club such as bars and restaurants.

Henman Hill

Wimbledon HillIn recent years, Henman Hill has become one of the better known areas of the Lawn Tennis Club as it accomodated the hoards of people who could not get access to the court where English tennis player Tim Henman was playing. The supporters would instead congregate on the clubs hill in front of a big screen TV to watch henman in action, often creating a better atmosphere than on the courtside. This unique experience will be sadly missed following Tim Henman's retirement after the 2007 Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon Championship Crowds

An impressive half a million people pass through the famous SW19 gates over the two week period of the championship to watch the tennis action being played across Wimbledon's 19 courts.

The most famous cout is Centre Court, which has staged both the Wimbledon Mens Singles final and Womens Singles final since it first opened in 1922. The Centre Court is currently undergoing redevelopment which will see the capacity increase from 13,810 to 15,000 in addition to a retractable roof, which will spell the end of any finals being suspended due to rain from 2009 onwards.